Sunday, September 13, 2009

I've Lost 80 lbs!!!!

Well, it's been awhile. I have been so busy this summer, but it feels great to be able to be active and not be worn out or constantly out of breath. I am at 170lbs. and still loosing. I comfortably wear a size 14 and even a 12 in some things. I have even lost weight in my feet and have gotten down to a size 8 shoe. It is amazing how my body has changed.
I have had a troublesome loss. From what I hear, that is common and can happen to anyone after a surgery of any kind. I feel like I am doing well in the area of protein intake and my labs state that, so I am not worried anymore, and the hair loss has just about quit...after about 4 weeks. I am eating just about anything that I want. Which is not much! If I want something sweet, I eat it but it is rare. It is wild how my taste for food has changed. Eating something greasy makes me almost feel like I am drunk. Speaking of drinking...I have tried a little bit of alcohol and it made me very tipsy after just 2 sips. I have never been a drinker anyway. Anything with big seeds hurts my pouch, for example, zuccuni, squash, tomatoes. Stringy meats also bother me a little (BBQ, pot roast) I am still a huge fan of popsicles. Sugar free of course. But I am on a normal diet now.
As far as exercise, I climb two flights of stairs to my office 5 days/week about a dozen times a day and live a very active lifestyle. One of the greatest accomplishments for me so far is to be able to finally get on my horse, by myself. She does not run from me anymore! I am going to Disney in a few weeks and look forward to getting into a bathing suit that will not be "dresslike" or make other people wonder if I am pregnant.
I will post a few pics this week.
Thanks for reading my ongoing saga,

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