Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Post Op Visit & Down 10 More!

Howdy has been almost a month since my last blog, and I broke the 189 mark! That is 60 lbs lost since April 4, 2009! I am really happy with that. Even better is the inches that I have lost. I am wearing size 14 now! I had to buy some new clothes, because I have lost so much that when my old clothes are taken up, they just don't look right. I got into a bathing suit for the first time since our cruise in Jan 2008, and it swallowed me whole! It was hanging off me. I still have problem spots that I have to work on like my arms, stomach and hips, but I am finally beginning to feel slimmer.

I went to my 2nd post op visit on July 2. Amber and Dr. Jeff were off, but Amber emailed me later the next week to check on me, and Dr. Jeff called me at home and we chatted for about 30 min. All my labs came back great (just a little low on Vitamin D), and Dr. McNatt seemed very pleased with me. He seems to think that I will only loose about 30 more lbs. I will be tickled pink if I can do that. It is comming off much more slowly right now. And they tell me this is normal. If I kept up my pace, it would get scary. I will be honest in saying that I don't exercise "formally". My exercise comes in climbing the steps to my office a dozen times a day, messing around with my horses and walking to the barn, and the occasional game of tennis with the kids. But, I know that I will have to work on the problem areas soon. My appetite has increased a little, but the hunger is a rare thing. I eat a protein bar (I love Pure Protein Chocolate Chip from Walmart), and I drink chocolate muscle milk. Then I always make sure that I eat either beans or meat with my other meals. I absolutely love G2 Gatorade. I really hate sweet drinks now. Unsweet tea with Splenda does the trick. If I eat too fast, I still get sick. I have also noticed that my hunger switch does not always work properly....meaning that by the time I eat too much, it is too late and I am sick. Eating slowly is the key. That has been a major change in my life, because I always ate on the run. Now I have to take my time. I still have to drink a little with my meals, especially chicken meals. But not much at all. I eat pretty much anything I want. Pasta's and anything with MSG kills me. I am handling salads much better now. I really don't have a craving for anything. I love veggie chips and occasionally I want a little popcorn. It truly amazes me to eat out and see how much people can cram down their throats. I don't know how I ever did it. I did get a card, that Amber sent to me, that explained that I have had surgery for weight loss and asks that I be able to order a small or child's portion. That helps me keep from explaining it over and over. Some people are really nice about it, and others seem indifferent and charge me full price. I just don't eat at the latter anymore. A side effect of this is that my hubby seems to be gaining a little weight (don't tell him I ratted him out), because he cleans my plate now!

I am only going to blog about once a month, as things are not changing as often for me. I will keep posting pics so you can see my progress and I can have a record of it. It has DEFINATELY been worth it so far!

Later...Peace Out,



  1. We are so proud of you and your ability to win this battle. Keep up the good work. Give our best to all and we are ready to battle on the game table and I'm ready to teach you guys pickle ball. I played at the high school last week and it worked great. I'm bringing some paddles back with me so let's get ready to rumble. Did Andy eat that big buck he hit??

  2. You are doing awesome!

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