Sunday, November 8, 2009

6 Months Later...

Well, it's been awhile. Time sure does fly! Oct marked my 6 month anniversary since my gastric bypass and I am down to 162lbs!!!! Yeah me!!!! I feel great! My goal is 150 and I am almost there. I easily fit into size 12 clothing now. I am so amazed with the new bones I have found...2 in my butt, my spine, my collarbone. All the fat had them hid before.

I am also amazed at people's reactions to me. I saw Dr. Martha at church today and she had not seen me in awhile. She was totally amazed and said she was going to recommend the surgery to some of her patients. God has totally used me and this surgery to help others! All the ladies want to know what my secret is. All the men just look at me really funny and never say anything. I think they think I would feel insulted if I thought that they thought I was once fat.

No real problems other than the occasional overeating event that comes back to haunt me about 30 min later, followed by annoying hiccups. The strangest thing is that I stay cold all the time. I guess my insulation is gone and nobody told my body about it. My feet feel like blocks of ice even with thick wool socks on.

The good things are....normal BP, a better conplexion and skin condition, less allergies, normal blood sugar, normal cholesterol, no more snoring or sleep apnea (in fact, I am sleeping better than I ever have), increased energy and stamina, less worry and better self esteem, and my body feels so healthy!

I went to Florida about a month ago and was not ashamed to wear a bathing suit. I really felt very sorry for many overweight people there struggling in that 95 degree weather. I know how they felt and am so very grateful that I was not there still feeling that pain.

Would I do it over if I had too? YES, YES,YES! It has totally been so worth it. I feel like I have been set free from by ball and chain (my body). I actually feel like I might live a long and normal life. I will occasionally post new pics of myself and hope to be at the 150 mark pretty soon.

NOTE: My children made me do the silly poses. :o)

Praise God!


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