Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Hit A Snafu...

Well, it has been awhile since I have written.  I have been a little bit sick.  I did have the gallbladder out in Feb of this year and then foot surgery in April, but since then, I guess starting around August, I started getting sick and having problems keeping my food down.  I also developed diverticulitits, and a stomach ulcer.  The ulcer caused me to throw up almost daily and developed some scar tissue around the connection of my esophogas and stomach and that is called a stricture.  So, because of that, stringy food has a hard time getting down.  Those foods include chicken, BBQ, steak, etc.  Which most of those foods are my main source of protein, which is a BIG problem.  I also developed some lactose intolerance.  Because of this, I have lost down to 116lbs.  I went to see Dr. McNatt about this as well as a Gastroenterologist.  The gastro Dr. wanted to do a colonoscopy.  Dr. McNatt wants to do an endoscopy to use the balloon to stretch the esoghopas.  Right now, I have decided to hold off and see if it corrects itself.  This happened to my friend Rob.  BUT, if I loose much more, I won't have any choice as my BMI is at 20.  Dr. McNatt said that it does not need to drop below 18.  I am still doing my vitamins and trying to get my protein via beans and fish.  My main goal is to NOT THROW UP daily.  I still have energy, but I get heartburn really bad.  I am on Rx meds for the heartburn/reflux.  I still don't regret it and don't think I ever will.  Being in my "fat prison" was the worst.  I am riding my horses, playing tennis and wearing a size 6, so life is good!  I will get thru this.

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