Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time To Celebrate!

Well, it has been awhile....I have been so very busy. I have truly neglected my blog, but I think subconsciously I was waiting to report back in when I broke that magical 200lb mark. Well, I did it! Officially 198 today. YEEEE HAAAAAWWWW! Numbers are numbers, but those are the ones I have been waiting to see for such a long time. It has been over 9 years since I have been below 200lbs. I feel fantastic! I even sent some clothes over to moms to be altered. I have been going to the thrift store shopping and have bought 2 pairs of size 16 pants and 1 pair of size 14. Many of my clothes that I was wearing just 3 short months ago literally fall to the floor when I put them on! Now that is exciting stuff! I have decreased in bra size also. My waist has been amazing to me. It has shrunk so fast. I still have the smaller "upper intertube" to get rid of and the larger "lower intertube". That will take more time and exercise. Speaking of which, I went to play tennis with my kids this past weekend. It was so awesome to be able to play again without getting totally worn out and winded. I feel like I gain more and more energy each week. It is incredible to realize how carrying 51 extra pounds around really takes a serious toll on your body. I got a new haircut too, and everybody tells me that it makes me look younger and slimmer.
As far as the food intake goes, I have my days that I struggle with getting the protein consumption, but for the most part it is becoming a part of the daily routine. I eat a protein bar for breakfast (I nibble on it for several hours), and I make sure that I eat some type of meat (preferably fish or turkey) and some beans for lunch and supper. I also have nutritious snacks that have protein such as soy nuts for my snacks. I love G2 Gatorade. I have indulged a couple of times on a small amount of dessert, but found it unsatisfying and it left me feeling something that I have not felt much of since surgery...cravings for more sugar. I can see how my body used sugar as a type of drug. You take a little, and it turns that ugly addiction back on again. It turns on that "bottomless pit" feeling. I can eat anything I want to eat, so I don't feel like I am depriving myself of anything...I just tell myself "why" and most of the time I leave it alone. One of the things I really love to eat is greens, but they do bother me somewhat. I guess they are hard to digest. Cole slaw tends to be not worth the pain.
Enought rambling...here are my pics...Later!

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  1. Congrats!! I will have to teach you guys how to play pickleball..do you know anyone at the wellness center that would be open to learning this game..all that is needed is a court(badmitton size and a net 34 inches in height and I brought a couple of beginner paddles and a couple balls with me..actually one could just hit the ball around. There are many places that play on tennis courts as well.