Friday, May 29, 2009

Bought New Clothes!

Well, my pics tell the story. I am inching up to the 45lbs lost mark. I am helping Andy lay tile. That is a very physical job, so plenty of exercise. My energy level is back up. I am still sleeping well and my body is really changing. I went to the consignment shop and bought some new (to me) pants. My others are falling off me! That is so awesome! People are really starting to tell me how dramatically I am changing. I am a melting mama. I am eating more or less what I want to eat. Trying to focus on the protein. By the way, the Nectar shakes were horrible! I have been using the powder a little and mostly protein bars or Muscle Milk Lite shakes. I am doing well with the vitamins, but not so well with the gall bladder pills. No need to lie about it...I take about 1 or2 a week. I am loving G2 Gatorade. Still addicted to the sf popsicles. I ate a tiny bite of mom's coconut creme pie. It was good, but I could have lived without it. Still no cravings. I feel very blessed about that. I did a bad this week...I got in a tight spot and ended up drinking a sip of a carbonated beverage. It made my pouch growl at me. I don't think I will be doing a bonehead thing like that anytime soon. I have decided to have 3 celebrations; first will be when I weigh less than Andy...give me another week. 2nd will be when I go below 200lbs, that will be about 2 weeks away and 3rd will be when I reach my goal weight of 160. I am currently 206lbs.

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