Sunday, May 3, 2009

3lb Loss in One Day!

We went to our yard sale in Charlotte yesterday treasure hunting. And boy, did it wear me out! We got up at 6AM and headed out, reaching Davis Lake at 7:30. There were probably 70 houses having sales. I ran into all my buddies there so it is a social event also. There was lots of getting in and out of the truck and lots of walking. I will bet that I walked several miles yesterday and it was up and down hills. I got more than my share of exercise. After the sale, we went to PF Changs and I got to eat some of the lettuce wrap (without the lettuce) and some lo mein noodles. It was the best thing I have eaten since my surgery! I was really proud of myself and did not overeat. I felt that point of being full and stopped. They had some of the most wonderful unsweet tea that also. It was flavored with something sugarfree called raspberry sangria. It was worth the trip alone! Afterward, there was more walking because Kallie (being the teenager that she is) had to go to her favorite stops at the mall. You see, yard sales don't do it for her, she has to pay full price for Hollister and Aeropostale. It's her money so what do you do? One day she will learn the value of a value. All in all, an awesome day, finishing it off with an awesome KY Derby. You gotta love a Cinderella story!
Today has been a day of church and rest. The scales showed my hard day yesterday with a 3 lb loss! The Lord is just way too good to me!

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