Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Official Exercise Program Begins Today

Today is picture day-(heck if I know what was going on with my hair???)! I am 5 weeks post surgery and I am feeling better every day. Kallie and I began our walking program today. We walked the fence around the farm..up and down the hills. I found that I did not get winded at all, just tired. My muscles just seem to give out on me. I have very little stamina. I am sure that the exercise is good for me. Especially after sitting in court all day...I am getting to dread court days. I hate being tied down all day. I guess that is just part of the job...you can't love every aspect of every job. I had some wonderful tasting Pollock from Brown's Restaurant today. Along with a few baked apples. I ate slowly and it went down really well. Along with some unsweet tea. I have adjusted to it. I think sweet tea would be too sweet now. Andy made us some great pintos for supper. It is nice to be able to eat "regular" food again.

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