Thursday, May 7, 2009

First Post Op Dr. Visit

Andy and I took off this morning for my first visit to Dr. McNatt since my surgery. My weight loss is just a hair over 35lbs in one month...I was excited to be going so he could see how well I have done. Well, low and behold, all I got was fussed at. Protein, protein, protein was all I heard. Amber did most of the fussing at me. I also heard the word "exercise" about 20 times. People...I have had surgery only 4 weeks ago. I am working full time and I am tired! Dr. McNatt said "working does not count". He ought to try living a day in my life! I also heard that the average one month post surgery loss is 25lbs. I am 10 above that. I say "yeah for me", they say that is too rapid. I got a swift and stern lecture about better quality vitamins and Rolaids don't count as calcuim. It has to be "calcium citrate". Amber mentioned such things as heart failure, liver damage and loss of limbs. It was like my own person horror movie! I think they are over-reacting a bit. I feel good...except for tiredness. And, Dr. McNatt says my incisions are looking great! Best of all, he told me I can eat anything I want to eat (within reason). That means salads and fruits are back in my life! I even get to try a little bit of steak! To celebrate, Andy and I went to Chick fil a' and I had one of those wonderful fruit and grilled chicken salads with with berry vinegrette dressing. It will probably take me several days to finish it, but it was great! I also love their diet lemonade.
I took heed of all that was said to me today. I forgot to mention Dr. Jeff...he is the psychologist. You get one of those when you go thru something like this. It is part of the package deal. He talked more to Andy about his food guilt than he did me and that is ok, because poor Andy hates to eat in front of me. I think he helped put it in perspective with him when he told him that while he eats in front of me, it has about the appeal of a cardboard box. That seemed to ease poor Andy's mind.
I also found out that I have HUNDREDS...yes HUNDREDS of staples in me. Dr. McNatt said it is like sewing a shirt up. I thought that was pretty darn cool! I think me and my pouch are doing just great and we are learning to live in peace with one another.

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