Thursday, May 14, 2009


I went to the athletic banquet last night and I tried BBQ for the first time. I did not eat much of it, but I was happily suprised that it went down really well. I had to chew it lots. I worry about "string" foods like that. I had to endure the constant "is that all you are going to eat" from about 10 people. I am getting use to it now. I also ate a little bit of pizza yesterday.
My Revival soy package came in the mail too. I ordered a sample pack of soy nuts and soy chips. They are delicious! Caleb likes the nuts too and Kallie likes the chips. Andy does not like any of it. Oh well, more for me! I doubt very seriously that I will be ordering much of that. It is way too expensive. 15 of the small bags of chips (which are about the size of what you would get at Subway) cost $18 + shipping. Amber just raved about how healthy they are, but I just can't justify the price. It is nice to have something crunchy plus they have lots of protein. I am still trying to polish off those Lean Body shakes that I got from GNC. I am going to Janie and Rob's this weekend for a Preakness party and they got me some of those Muscle Milk Lite shakes. They taste much better. Weight loss is hovering about the same. 37-38 lbs loss. Clothes are fitting dramatically better. I am still trying to get more exercise.


  1. WOW, your doing so great!!!We love to read your story and your a good teller as well. I think the reason you got sick off the same Chinese meal but at different places was probably MSG. They are noted for adding it to their food.Some places do and some don't(always ask in those restaurants). Well we will see you all in a week or so, we are looking forward to it. Do you all still have your house church or small groups???

  2. Hi,
    I never thought about the MSG! Brilliant.. I bet that was what it was. We do still have small group. It will be in 2 weeks at my house.