Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fri, Sat, Sun

I have been really busy this weekend and just catching up on the blog. I am trying to stay very active and even though I am tired, I feel like I am regaining my energy. I think the exercise is helping. I have really been focusing on the protein too. The Dr. and Amber told me that not getting enough protein slows the progress of weight loss. Since I have been getting the protein in, I am loosing again. I am pushing the 40 lb mark! Awesome! I am trying new foods and so far so good. Mexican food is going down really well and I am loving the soy. I just got my samples of the Nectar in and have not tried them yet, but I am going to make a smoothie in the morning. I only have one more of those nasty Lean Body shakes from GNC left and Janie/Rob got me a supply of lite Muscle Milk. I really like those.
The best news of all is that my clothes are not fitting at all now. I wore a pair of jeans to church today that I had to keep pulling up because they were about to fall off! Just 2 months ago, I had to lay on the bed to get them zipped up. I have a waist again! I still have the upper and lower intertube, but at least they are not joined now! It is amazing to feel the weight melting off. I am thinking about trying some swimming this week. We have a very busy week, so we will see how it goes. I am going to have to start some toning exercises. I have "wings" beginning to develp under my biceps. Thing are looking up! This week will be 6 weeks post surgery.

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