Monday, May 11, 2009

I did it again!

Another rainy day at work had me feeling blah and weary, and Andy had his trip to the VA today, so that meant no one at home to watch The Price Is Right during lunch. Shane and Staci had brought their lunch, so I thought...what the heck...I will get some Chinese takeout. I went to the local eatery and ordered a very small box of shrimp lo mein. I got two small bites down and I was sick as a dog! I have no idea why, because I ate the very same thing about 2 weeks ago at PF Chang. Unless, they fix it differently I have no idea. But I was sooooo sick. It came back up and kept coming until there was nothing but the dry heaves. It gave me a killer headache. I ended up going to mom's house and taking a short nap. It just wipes me out to get sick like that.
Later, for supper, I was able to eat a small bit of chicken casserole and some baked peaches and raspberries. It went down well. I am also enjoying the change of eating protein bars instead of shakes or yougart with protein added. I was given a sample of a new type of soy chip from Revival Soy. I loved it! I have so been wanting something crunchy. I ordered some today along with some yogurt covered soy nuts. I will see how that works out. Boy, is it expensive! I hope it will be worth it! I am at 37.5 lbs of weight loss 5 weeks out. Best of all, my clothes are very loose.

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