Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One Month Post Surgery!

Today makes one month since surgery. I think I have done really well! 35lbs loss to date! Even better than that number is the fact that my clothes are fitting loosely now. My underwear is almost to the point of falling off-HOW EXCITING! I know, that might be too much info. But before, they were tight on me and leaving red marks around my waist. I ate some fish Andy fried today and it gave me a little indigestion. I also ate a tiny bit of pizza for lunch. It was great! I am still drinking my water with Crystal Lite. My treats are still sugar free popsicles. I have adopted eating low fat/low cal fruit yogurt with protein powder added for my breakfast. I really despise Carnation sugar free Instant Breakfast. I hate the shakes too, so this is an alternative for me. It takes me about 2-3 hours to get that one little cup of yogurt down. I really miss my salads and fruits that have seeds like strawberries. I hope Dr. McNatt will let me start eating that stuff soon. We will see on Thursday. By the way, I got my EOB's from Baptist Hospital. The total surgery/hosptial stay cost $41,000. Unbelievable! My part was $2,100. I figure my life/health was well worth that amount of $. Some people spend their tax refund on vacations-I opt for surgery...go figure. I am just happy that the Lord blessed me with a job and insurance that allowed me to take this leap. It truly has been a blessing and a faith builder.

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