Thursday, May 21, 2009

Still hanging out at 40lbs.

I am still hovering around that 40 lb mark. That is ok with me, because I tend to think I have lost it too fast anyway. My clothes are fitting very well. That is really more important than the number of lbs me anyway. I tried the cherry nectar shake. It was ok. I am still lovin the soy chips. Tonight I had some tenderized steak for supper with some fried taters. I made some fresh squeezed lemonade with splenda. Yummy! I had to chase somebody at work today...boy did that ever wear me out! Well, at least I got my exercise in today. One deputy got there before me and one after me. I am not naming names-but at least I did not come in last! At least I should sleep well tonight.
I want to thank everybody for their support and most importantly God for making all this happen for me and for taking care of me! I am not going to write daily anymore because it will just become too repetative. I will write every few days and will keep the pics coming.

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