Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 8 Day after D-Day

Day #2 post surgery:

I kept poor mom up about all night. I was in pain and could not sleep. The catheter came out before I woke up in the recovery room so doing #1 was all up to me. When they are putting bags upon bag of that stuff into your IV, you have to go about 10 times a day. I, with all my infinate wisdom-after working in a drug rehab, made the choice to not take any opiate drugs (Morphine, Lortab, Vicodan, Oxycontin, etc.), because I just knew that they would make me feel out of my head and I would have to detox off them. So therefore, I decided that Torodal was my best friend. Bad choice. I only got one of those every 6 hrs, and the pain come on after about 2. They finally talked me into so Morphine later in the day. And yep, it made me feel crappy, but it did take the pain edge away. I was already trying to get over the anestesia, and this did not help. All the while, the Dr.s and nurses were saying I was doing fantastic. Andy stayed with me that night and we did get some sleep. As soon as you get asleep in the hospital, you get woke up from blood pressure takers, temp takers, vampires and the such. Why the heck do they draw blood at 3AM?

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