Thursday, April 23, 2009

Felling Bad Today

Today has found me to be very weak. I don't really know why. I have been sleeping really well. I guess too much action for the week. Maybe I am not at tough as I thought I was??? I sure am happy that tomorrow is Friday. I am excited about going to the horse auction in Mt. Airy with my friends Roger and Lauren. Kallie and I went down today and messed around with some of the young horses. Boy that let me know quickly how weak that I am. I am doing well with the protein. I am having trouble keeping my body moving (if you know what I mean). They Dr. warned me that this would become a problem. regrets. I went to Brown's Restaurant today and ordered a very small cup of pinto beans. I ate about 3 spoonfulls. It filled me up. least eating out is very cheap now! I tried to drink a Muscle Milk (that was not lite) because they don't have the lite variety in town. That was a mistake. Even though it had only 6 grams of sugar, I could tell that it totally messed up my blood sugar. I got dizzy and nausea set in. I went to Lowes Foods and spoke with the manager, Kenneth. He is going to try to get the lite ones for me. This is truly a learning experience. Total weight loss to date-28lbs!

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