Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Things Today!

I had to work court all day today-did not get home until 6PM. I worked my butt off all day! It was a very busy day and I am very tired. I discovered some new things that I liked and could have today. I took my son to the Mexican Restaurant and I was able to eat a small amount of ground beef with some cheese on it! I have been trying to drink that nasty unsweet tea because I am getting tired of the water/crystal lite. I have tried Splenda in the past, and thought it to be disgusting. But I decided to use it today and it was the bomb! I almost tasted like the real thing! It was so much better than that nasty bitter plain tea. I also went to the grocery store to get more of my beloved sugar free popsicles and cruised the OJ asile. To my amazement that have a new product called Trop 50. It is a very unsweetened version of real OJ! OMG-it was like heaven! There was no way to describe how awesome it was! It is very low in sugar (about like my protein shakes) has 50 calories in an 8 oz glass (would take me all day to drink 8 oz), and was very high in posassium (which I have been needing!). The only downfall was the lack of protein. Things are looking up! I was having trouble living with the fact that I could no longer drink my most favorite thing ever-OJ! PRe surgery I would drink about 2 gallons/week. This was always how I explained my good health and lack of colds/flu. OJ-you are back in my life baaaabeeee!
Clothes are still getting looser, but no weight loss to record for today.

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