Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 7- Grief and Laying Down

Last night was the first time that I experienced food grief. I wanted to try eating egg drop soup (only God knows why-I hated the stuff in the past), so he stopped by the local Chinese place to get some for me (it was like the best thing I have eaten so far-go figure???) and while he was there he got some shrimp lo mein and some fried rice for them. Even though the small was gaggworthy, just the look and imagining the texture of those wonderful noodles made me sad. I almost even cried! How stupid! You see, my "drug of choice" has always been breads, pasta, noodles, and Coca Cola. I am not a big dessert eater and I really never liked chocolate. There is a misconception that people who are overweight pig out on sweets. Not the case. Even when eating my drugs of choice, I rarely ever ate in excess. I am a carb junkie. Well anyway, I lived thru it and enjoyed my egg drop. Later in the evening, I was happy that I got to lay down for the first time. I have been sleeping propped up on the sofa with pillows. It felt weird to lay down and just hurt a little. I had a prop a pillow under my belly and I did not turn over but once last night. Which is very weird for me.
Today, my boss called and needed some paperwork, so I made a trip up to the office and saw Shane and Staci. It was good to get out and see them. I miss work. I am going to go back next week. I will probably ease back in with 1/2 days. This was also the first day that I drove the car. It has been 2 entire days with no Tylenol now. The most exciting thing is my rapid weight loss. Andy says he can almost see it melting off me. So far, I am down to 233 today. THAT IS 16 LBS IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!!!! Now that is exciting stuff! It would take me about 3 months to loose that much on the diet pills. Tomorrow is exactly one week since surgery and I will post pics.
I also want to mention that without GOD, none of this is possible. In my haste to get this blog caught up, I have not mentioned his name enough. This is all Him.
I am heading out to Whitetop this evening to teach my 2 hr Strengthening Families class and I look forward to seeing my good friend Jackie.