Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 15 & 16

I did not do a post yesterday, because there was not too much to write about. I did get my protein in. I did work 1/2 day. I had a 3/4 of a meatball from Subway for lunch. Staci says I won't have dumping if I could eat that meatball. It was delicious. The drain hole is filling in, but still hurts a little. I have still not lost anymore weight and that concerned me, so I spoke with Amber and she told me not to get on that scale but once a week. She said I will go 5 days without any loss and some days I might loose up to 7lbs. The biggest difference I can tell is in my clothes. Some are getting too big for me. :). So, even though I am not loosing weight, I am loosing inches. My body is rapidly changing. I have lost a lot of my hips and rear. My legs and arms are getting skinner. But the abdomen is still swelled and big. The bruises are still there. The incisions are healing nicely. I believe that I am on the mend. The only issue is some strange pain in the left side, just below the rib cage. This is weird and new. It is a stabbing pain. I hope it goes away soon.

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  1. Way to go Girl..We are having a difficult time commenting on your posts. We read it though..don't know why its so hard to comment