Monday, April 20, 2009

DAy 14-I Am An Addict!

I did something really stupid today....I tried to smush up a small piece of a chicken tender and I smushed out the center of a french fry and I ate it. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I got really nauseated and dizzy. What happened was I went to my Strengthening Families class that I teach on Monday's, and they always feed the families at catered meal. They brought in the most wonderful smelling fried chicken tenders and I convinced myself that I could try just a bite. It was like a vampire smelling fresh blood! This is the first realization that I truly am a food addict! Having a career as a Substance Abuse Counselor, I am well acquainted with the 12 steps. And tonight I begin at step #1: Admit. I admit it, I am a food addict! To me food addiction is worse than any drug or alcohol addiction out there. Because it is in your face every day! It is something you must have to live. It is like I have a love/hate relationship with my food! Well, believe me, I learned the hard way today! I don't think I will be doing something that stupid again (at least for awhile). I know that I am human and make mistakes, but hopefully it will be awhile until another. I will just stick with my good ole smashed chili beans!

I also went back to work today. That was good. I went to pick up my bullet proof vest in Kernersville today, that I was fitted for in December. It did not fit! It was too big! Praise the Lord! (This pic was taken yesterday-I can see a little difference)

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