Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Old Habits Die Hard

My addiction sprung it's ugly head up today and I broke 2 cardinal rules:
1. Don't eat more than you can hold.
2. Don't eat too fast
What an idiot I am! I chugged down some rotisserie chicken breast that was too much for me-about the size of my palm or less. Then, in my infinate wisdom, I added a rolaids to top it off. (I eat 3 rolaids/day to get my calcium) It was the worst feeling ever! I almost committed bariatric suicide (I think???). I began having sharp pains in my chest and back, then I got to shaking and got really pale and thought I was going to pass out. Then I started feeling the feel that this chicken is making a return visit. Yep...I barfed 6 times! It was not your normal barf. I compare it to a man passing a kidney stone. You see, the opening to my "pouch" is the size of a dime. NOT GOOD! It was an ugly scene (my poor hostas). I don't know if I will ever be able to eat chicken again! Most of the time when you throw up, once you finally do it, most of the time you feel better. NOT TRUE ANYMORE! I was really sick for about an hour. What a bonehead! Worst of all, when I go back to my first visit to Dr. McNat, post surgery, I will not be able to report that I am still their "poster child", and must tell the truth about my overeating bonehead move! I am so disappointed in myself. It was so uncalled for. I guess the good news is that I lost 1.5lbs today and I wore a shirt that I have not been able to wear for over 2 years! I still give the Lord all the credit for this! He has taken such good care of I need to do the same.

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