Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 13- Peaches & Church

Today started out great! It was my fav day of the week-Sunday! We went to church and I was able to sit thru the entire service (unlike last week). No pain at all. It was great to see our friends. It was also great to hear lots of encouragement. I had several people tell me that they could tell I have lost weight. Richard and Dr. Martha (internal med doc at Duke) were there. She gave me a wake up call about the protein (which I am not getting enough of). I know that I am going to have to do better. She was also concerned about my rapid weight loss 25lbs in less than two weeks. I am slowing down now though. I was loosing up to 5-6 lbs./day to just loosing about .5 or one a day now. I know that all that fluid they pumped into my veins had to come out. I really appreciate all her advice. She gave me so much reassurance before the surgery. As far as sleeping, I am getting 6-7 hrs/day. That is about what I was getting before surgery, That darn little drain hole feels funny. It is not painful, but uncomfortable when I lay down. I still have some bruises, but my glue has come off my incisions and they look good. I ate some smushed peaches for lunch and I got a little ticked off when I went for my fav (chili beans) for supper and someone had raided the jar! Andy made more for me and he sneaked in deer meat, but I was cool with that. It tasted awesome. I have dared anyone to touch my beans! I would likely fight over them. (Just kidding). I am really looking forward to being able to eat a scrambled egg with cheese on Tuesday. That is one of the recipies that Amber gave to me. I am still not hungry. I just have the emotional hunger.
Tomorrow I head back to work for 1/2 days this week. I am looking forward to that. I also teach my class at Whitetop tomorrow night. I am sad that I have to miss Kallie's track meet. But she has another on Tuesday. I can't wait to head in to work tomorrow and see how far behind I am. Praise God that I have a job and my health!

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