Sunday, April 12, 2009

How the Heck did I get here?

How did a 5'4" athletic mother of two end up getting into weight issues? Well, it was a combo. First, I have been a very active person and could eat whatever I wanted...that was until I had babies. My metabolism went totally bonkers on me. Secondly, there is the issue of heredity. That coupled with my poor food choices were a recipe for disaster. So from the time I graduated HS at a weight of 125lbs, until two kids, 20 years and a hysterectomy later I am at 249lbs. I really got angry that little skinny people can eat twice what I ate and not gain an ounce, but I could just eat a kids meal hamburger and gain 5lbs. That was a bummer! I tried every possible way to loose weight and failed every single time. I did Weight Watchers (3X), Nutrisystem, The Weight Loss Clinic, and numerous Rx diets and pills loaded with Phentermine (for 6 years). The pills produced my greatest weight loss success at 32 lbs over a 6 month period, but I just could not take them and sleep. I had to use Benedryl for that. Also, after a period of several months, they begin to loose their potency and you slowly get hungry again. So, therefore you have to go off them for several months and then try again. Thus, you get the yo yo effect. Exercise was not an issue for me, like it is for most. Life on a farm takes care of that for you along with training horses and 2 very active kids. I even worked at Nautilus and worked out 4X/week with a personal trainer (thanks Mick!), but to no avail. In Nov 2008, my weight had gone from 225 to 233 and Christmas was not even here yet. I had just accepted a new job as a Probation Officer and I did not think I could do the job to the best of my ability unless I loose some weight. Also, life was beginning to get harder for me. My back hurt, I snored so badly that my hubby had to get up and sleep on the couch, my feet hurt, my cholesterol was high, I could not find clothes to fit, and the final straw came when I was unable to pull myself up on my horse by myself! I said to myself then that something had to happen and happen soon. I also had gestational diabetes with my last child and was at risk of developing diabetes. With the new job of working for the State of NC, came the opportunity to finally afford this surgery. With the guidance of two great people in my life, who had already been brave enough to do this, I made the decision to move forward. Thanks Staci and Rob! I am so sure that this is going to work for me, that I have begun this blog to show you my metamorphesis.

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