Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 3 - Hospital Discharge

Dr. McNatt came by this morning and told us that he was going to let me go today, if I wanted to go. I was like, are you kidding? No, keep me here and sick me more and torture me just a little more. I put my foot down about the opiates and refused them all today and went on Tylenol. Probably not the greatest decision in the world. My friend Rob told me that his worst moment came when they removed his drain tube, and today was my day. I shared my concerns of this with the entourage of interns that come by and tell me about how I am the "poster child" daily. They said and I quote "I is a weird feeling, but does not hurt", "You don't need anestesia for this", "It only last just a few seconds and it is a feeling of pressure not pain". They are ALL LIARS!!!!!! I almost punched the intern in the face when she started yanking on all 18 inches of that thing. Her only comment was "oops, that one must have been stuck". I could not wait for her to leave. I really wanted to beat her down. The best way to describe it was someone pulling a large bullet backwards from your inner core to your left side, backwards attached to a string.
Well anyway, I lived thru that lie and made it to discharge about 5PM. I got home and we crushed up Tylenol and I ate it all night long. Every chance I got. I did not sleep much. Maybe 4 hrs.

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