Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One Week Later...

Well it has been one week since I had my GBP. I feel like I am doing amazingly well. Just a little tired and more of a weird feeling, vs. pain or soreness. Get this.....weight loss in one week. 19 POUNDS!!!!!!!! How incredible is that? I am now learning how to eat. It is difficult to get down 55 grams of protein daily along with all those vitamins and other pills. I eat 1/2 of one of those small, sugar free pudding cups (protein powder mixed in) and I am feeling stuffed. Hunger is still not there. I did do a booboo...I smashed up a few raspberries and ate them. Then I called my Nutritionalist (Amber). She said that was a no, no due to the seeds. I sure hope that does not cause any problems. I can acutally feel my body fat "melting" away every day. I even had one day that I lost 5lbs. As promised, here is a picture of me taken yesterday. I still have a long way to go, but I am getting there fast. Werewolf nose is still there, but not as bad. Sleeping about 5 hrs/night and napping some during the day. I still feel swelled up some in my abdomen. The mood is good. Praise God!!!!

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