Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 11-Chilli Beans

Today was beautiful day and I got lots of exercise. I almost feel normal again. Still some pulling and feelings of hardness in the abdominal area. I had one of those 45g protein bullets today. Blaahhhggggg! It was disgusting, but I got my protein shot in. I got permission to eat ground up foods today, by Amber. So, I took a can of chicken noodle soup and ground it up in the blender. It looked like baby poop! I could not stomach it. Later for dinner, Andy fixed some homemade chili beans and I ate some (ground up of course). Boy did those beans make my belly growl. I had 3 tsp of them and that was way too much. That has been the best thing that I have eaten so far. I am still grieving the social "eat", as we usually go out to eat on Friday or Sat. evenings. I am just gonna eat my chili beans all weekend. There is enough left over to feed me for the rest of the year! No more weight loss today, but I can feel the inches falling off my body. I was able to cross my legs today without a struggle. Wow-that was cool!

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