Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 5 -2nd day at home.

Hey...I am starting to pull out of this thing. The Tylenol is being taken less and less. I even rode to the store with Andy for a few minutes. I got on the scales and I am down to 239. Amazing! I just want to take a moment to thank all the wonderful people in my life. My family, friends and Church family. They have all been so nice and supportive. Also my team at Baptist, most importantly my Dr. and my nutritionialist, Amber.
OK, my brother and his family are in from Raleigh, since it is Easter weekend. It was good to have company today. I also had a visit from Rob and Janie. Rob brought me his info from when he had the surgery 2 years ago. That was invaluable! It tells you step by step what you will be eating, feeling, doing, etc. They also brought me some muscle milk. That is one thing that I would recommend to anyone doing this...arm yourself with plenty of resources.
Another weird thing is I have the smelling powers of a werwolf. I can smell everything! When mom put lotion on (in the bathroom), I could smell it all the way in the living room and actually tasted it in my mouth! Weird! I smell every little thing. I was even able to detect that Andy stopped by BK and got him a burger the day before. Nothing gets by this supercharged nose.

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