Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 10-My 1st Restaurant Experience

Today has been a better day for me. Less pain around the incisions and I am really liking the "muscle milk light" that Janie turned me on to. I got up and did a little housecleaning and later went to Kallie's track meet in Elkin. I did really well and I think the exercise gave me an energy boost. After the meet, Andy wanted to go to Cracker Barrel. He was all worried that this would be hard for me and I think he was feeling guilty. The guilt has been there for awhile, as I have noticed that he will go and hide to eat his meals. I told him that I was excited about getting a cup of soup. I really wanted the veggie soup, but I asked and it had sugar in it, so I got the creme of broccoli. I just ate the creamy part of it (about 2 spoonfulls) and drank water. It was so thick feeling that I had to get up and walk around to allow it to go down. It sat well on my tummy, but my tummy made really loud noises. I would be lying if I said that their food did not bother me a little. Caleb's expecially. He had fried shrimp and at a biscuit. The smell did not bother me and I was not at all hungry. It was just the visual appeal. Oh well, I got thru it ok.
Then we went to GNC to search for some protein shakes and vitamins. They have to be sugar free and be loaded with protein. The lady was especially helpful and I fund a new shake and a "protein bullet fruit drink". I unfortunately did not find chewable iron or the chewable calcium citrate. I am giving up on that and will just order some online from the Celebrate Vitamins website. I was very proud of myself for getting more protein in today. Weight loss to date is 22lbs!

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