Friday, April 24, 2009

Feeling Better

What can I say...Colace is my literally saved my a_ _. Sorry-I had to put that pun in. The Dr. warned me this might be a problem. Likey it is from all the iron I have to take. The last few days have not been fun. I am making it part of my pill regime daily. Hopefully after I get to eat more fiber I can manage without it. I know this is not the most pleasant topic, but the truth is the truth. I know how those poor Baboons feel now.
Enough of that, I got my fiber in and my vitamins. I have really pushed the liquids today. I have been fighting off dry mouth and this helps. I really dread going back to work FT next week. I think it will really wear me out. I am having my friend Lauren over on Sunday and she is going to work my young horses. That takes a big load off my mind. Some people actually told me that I am looking like I am really loosing weight today. That felt great! I spoke with a friend today about my surgery so he can make an informed decision about it. I really think I did the right thing. It gets easier every day! I am quickly approaching 30lbs of weight loss (that is like 6 bags of sugar!!!)

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